Revitalizing Relationship Goals

How can you rejuvenate and enliven a tired relationship?

Create new relationship goals!

In the many years that I have been advising troubled couples about how they can improve their marriage relationship and maintain the intimacy in their relationship, one thing had become increasingly clear: many couples don’t know the first thing about truly nourishing an intimate relationship and setting relationship goals.

Put Life Back In Your Marriage

For example, I have met quite a few husbands who thought that as long as they were earning enough money, they’ve fulfilled their main role in the relationship.

I have also met my fair share of ladies who had become a little too focused on taking care of their children at the expense of a great relationship with their husbands.

How can you improve the relationship state of your marriage?

You can begin repairing your marriage as soon you learn about the essential foundations of a good relationship. Setting relationship goals.

Don’t worry – these guiding relationship principles are relatively easy to learn and once you’ve mastered them, I can assure you, you will be able to apply them to your own relationship goals easily.

What are the foundations of a good marriage relationship?

Relationship Goals 1. Love – Never forget that the sturdiest cornerstone of a marriage relationship is love. Do not lose sight of this vital component of your relationship as it will help sustain both of you even during the toughest storms of your relationship.

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What is a real love relationship all about?

Love is not just about cuddling, kissing or showering someone with gifts. A Genuine love relationship in marriage revolves around making the conscious choice to accommodate someone even in his/her weakest or most vulnerable state.

A Genuine love relationship is never idealistic – it knows that we are essentially imperfect beings and to seek perfection in a relationship is like adding poison to a well.

The search for perfection in your spouse and in the marriage itself will slowly leech through every aspect of the relationship to the extent that you will no longer be happy or satisfied simply because your marriage doesn’t fit into the “perfect” mold.

Relationship Goals 2. Balancing Expectations in Your Relationship – This relationship goal shows expectations are quite normal in relationships because we are constantly searching for bigger and better things in our lives. Our relationship expectations are actually cloudy reflections of our deepest desires and needs.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things in your marriage relationship. You are entitled to your desires, needs and ideas.

What’s the tipping point of your marriage relationship?

Set realistic relationship goals. When excessive expectations begin chipping away at your marriage relationship they cease to be useful tools. Expectations become toxic and they will begin to cause strife and worry where there should’ve been none.

One way to combat excessive and unrealistic expectations is by practicing sincere acceptance. Acceptance is not about blindly following someone’s whims. It is about setting real relationship goals.

It’s about logically accepting that some things may not manifest in your life the way you planned it and you’re alright with this reality. Acceptance is grounded firmly in reality and it takes into account all sides and all parts of reality, not just one’s dreams and desires.

Relationship Goals 3. The Spirit of Adventure – In order to make your marriage relationship dynamic and to allow personal growth within the structure of married life, you must make a conscious effort to live with the spirit of adventure. You must not be wary of change, especially if the change will benefit you or your spouse love relationship.

Are you afraid of change?

If something good comes your way but it necessitates major changes, evaluate the advantages of this novel new situation and see if your marriage relationship will thrive because of it. More often than not, new positive experiences will indeed benefit both parties.

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by old habits and routines. Encourage these types of marriage relationship goals.

We humans are drawn to equilibrium and it’s alright to want stability in one’s life. However, if your current stability stifles personal growth and happiness, then it’s not the kind of stability that your marriage relationship needs.

You have to take into account not only your interests and desires, but also the interests and needs of your spouse.
What about conflicts in a marriage relationship?

You must always remember that conflict is inevitable in a marriage relationship but this does not mean that you are not a good husband or wife. It just means that you are presently dealing with a normal part of married relationship life. Understand your marriage relationship goals.

Instead of shying away from issues and conflicts, what you should do is adopt a collaborative and problem-solving mindset to ensure that you are always ready to resolve conflicts whenever they arise. Do not allow conflicts to take root in your marriage relationship – remedy them as soon as you can! Make these marriage relationship goals work!

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